Daily Archives: March 12, 2023

Winter Doldrums?

As I put together the sampling of my better entries for the book I’m working on publishing (see “Coincidence? I think not!”), I soon discovered that any topic I mulled over for a new post touched on subjects I’ve already written about.

Does that mean I’m out of ideas? That there’s literally nothing new to write about?

That can’t be true, though. To believe it means I have nothing new to discover. That I am as wise as I will ever get.

If true, what’s the point of continuing to study, to read, to observe, to learn?

That kind of thinking leads to arrogance and stagnation. And boredom.


The fact I haven’t written an entry of late is due to this internal struggle.

I am doing plenty of study, though. I attend and co-facilitate a weekly Bible study on the book of Acts. I’m reading Benjamin Netanyahu’s recent biography, “Bibi,” and I’m watching Dr. Jordan Peterson’s round-table discussion with biblical scholars on the book of Exodus.

Maybe the problem is I’m so busy studying, my brain needs time to process.

Or perhaps I’m simply suffering from a bit of cabin fever. We’ve had almost 100 inches of snowfall this year (our average is 50) with the likelihood of more in the next month or two (the above picture is of my backyard as of today).

I’m so ready for spring!