Daily Archives: June 26, 2022

Dare I?

A few months ago I submitted a flash fiction story published in Havok’s “Sensational” anthology to the annual Realm Makers Awards.

Because why not?

Imagine my surprise when on June 4th, my story made the semi-finals with nine others. Yet in perusing the list, I figured that’s as far as my story will get. As one of the editors of a few of those stories (they were all published by Havok), and knowing the writing well of all the authors, it’s quite an august group. I’m honored to be counted among them.

Just this evening I received an email asking for a headshot, whether I’ll be able to attend the awards ceremony, and an acceptance speech if I can’t attend.

I have a headshot, but it’s ten years old. Should I use that, or get another one done (for which I have until July 2nd to provide)?

And an acceptance speech? Oof.

Especially considering I’ve been in a writing desert lately. Do I even have the capability to pen something remotely interesting? Perhaps even humorous?

Even more importantly, do I dare hope my story has a chance to win?

Oh, and I also got this to add to my social media: