Self Defense Thou Shalt Nots

I watched some of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial today on Court TV, and some of what the Wisconsin prosecutor Thomas Binger suggested per his questioning from a self-defense perspective left me a bit… astonished.

I don’t comment on ongoing trials, because I wasn’t there and am not privy to all the evidence presented during a trial. Having seen some of it live, though, I figured some of it bears comment. Mostly because I’m of the point of view that self-defense is a God-given right that’s protected by the US Constitution. Whether Kyle is innocent or guilty, I give no opinion. This entry is about the prosecutor and what he apparently thinks is not justification for self defense:

1. If you step onto public property such as a sidewalk or street.

2. If you lie or exaggerate about your skills (such as being a certified EMT when you’ve not yet earned your certification).

3. If you don’t live in a particular community. Family or work ties to said community aren’t enough.

4. If you run—it’s a hostile act.

5. If you don’t know for certain beforehand that you will have to protect yourself, and specifically what kind of protection will be required.

6. If a person hasn’t touched any part of your body in a threatening manner. Merely chasing, verbally threatening you, and/or reaching for you or your weapon isn’t enough.

7. If a person doesn’t say out loud at that moment their intent to harm and how they intend to harm you.

8. If someone pounds on you with a fist or stomps on your face with their foot. Human appendages can’t be weapons.

9. If someone threatens you with or hits you with something other than a chain, knife, hammer, bat, rock, or firearm. Such as a skateboard. That’s a toy, not a weapon.

10. If someone points a pistol at you with only one hand. It must be brandished with both hands before it’s considered a threat.

11. If someone has only a pistol and you have a rifle such as an AR-15.

12. If you lie to a mob. Lying only proves you’re untrustworthy.

13. If you play or have heard about video games where the goal is to kill people.

14. If you point your firearm at someone threatening you in order to get them to back off. They gain the right to harm you because they now feel threatened.

15. If you violate a curfew even if it’s to protect people and/or property.

I may add more depending on if the prosecution asks Rittenhouse more questions tomorrow.

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