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Unrepentant Book Hoarder

It began when the family of Dr. Seuss decided to quit publishing certain books because they have somehow become racist.

Then publishers released news they would be revising the language in Ian Fleming’s books (his James Bond series), and Roald Dahl. Now Agatha Christie’s books are facing rewrites.

Back in 2017, I wrote an entry called, “Kill Language, Kill Freedom.” I mentioned Orwell’s essay titled “Politics and the English Language” and his subsequent book, “1984.” The basic premise is how people, especially in government and all forms of media, are eliminating words and/or changing their definitions.

I don’t claim to be prescient, but that post is as timely now as it was six years ago.

I love books. In fact I should consider myself a book hoarder. More walls in my house have bookshelves than don’t, and I still have to find space on my floors to make room for more.

I have purchased eBooks out of guilt for all the book clutter, but with so many stories over how even classics are being rewritten to avoid offense and so-called problematic terminology, I can’t trust eBooks will remain the same from the day I purchased them. Or that they won’t be deleted from my library.

Paper, on the other hand, can’t. I can trust those books won’t suddenly be rewritten to accommodate the offense of the day.