Welcome to My Home

First a disclaimer: The above picture is not of my home. Mine’s far messier, and nor does it have a working fireplace.

Everyone has their house rules, both for those who live in it, and their guests.

One thing I always do when entering someone’s home is take off my shoes and treat their property as well as or better than I treat my own. Because that’s how I respect them and their kindness for allowing me into their home.

One thing I would never do is barge in, criticize them, their home, or their family and other guests. That would be rude, and would likely earn me a well-deserved kick out the door.

I treat other people’s social media pages the same way. That’s their home, and as such deserve to be treated with similar kindness and respect.

That’s why when I see someone post something I find objectionable, I scroll on by. It’s not my place to figuratively scream at them in their home uninvited. The only time I might step in is if they post something factually incorrect, but I will always be kind, and show them the facts via links or other means. That is still showing them respect, and most–if not all–have expressed their appreciation.

Now for my own social media house rules:

If you don’t like, or happen to disagree with anything I post, you don’t have to scroll on by. Come on in and let’s debate! All I ask is to refrain from personal attacks against me or my other guests.

The only other thing I will warn you of is that my social media house is rarely clean, and you may want to bring your own snacks. Coffee and tea will always be available, though.

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