Motivational Asides

Some like to create controversy. It boosts their readership–clickbait if you will. While I like to see as many readers and comments as anyone else, since I don’t receive any funds from the number of clicks/reads I get, I can’t really claim clickbait status.

When people click on my Twitter profile, this is the first tweet they see:

“I use Twitter to comment on politics, culture, and religion. I’m opinionated, but I don’t expect everyone to agree with me. I like hearing differing points of view on varied subjects because I want to learn.

“I always appreciate civil discourse even if we disagree in the end.”

I also like to give my point of view on subjects with the hope it’s different enough that people will stop and think about it, maybe even do their own research to discover whether I’m right or full of [censored] (believe it or not, it’s been known to happen. Occasionally).

Do I hope to change minds? Absolutely! Do I expect it? Nope–as frustrating as that can be at times.

In talking to a friend recently, I mentioned how I may have lost a few friends online due to all my bloviating of late. I don’t know for sure, because I don’t keep track, and there’s nothing I can do about it anyway.

That was a lesson hard learned, honestly. We all want to be loved, respected and heard. When I was a wee youngin’, friends were difficult to come by. While I have some guesses as to why, only when I reached my twenties did I figure out that love, respect and a listening ear can’t (or should) be forced. I have to freedom to choose whom I will love, respect and listen to, so how could I ever believe everyone else didn’t have that same freedom?

So while I like to share my opinions–however controversial–and be heard, I also want to give as many people as possible the same opportunity–even if I disagree.

Part of being heard is to listen, so if you’ve waded through all my rants of late relatively unscathed (or scathed, but waded through anyway), you have my undying love and respect. And, if you walk away from this entry with anything, I want you to know that you have also been heard.

1 thought on “Motivational Asides

  1. In my more than 6 decades of life, I have learned, probably due to my career (where others are paid to disagree with me), though it also occurs at times in my personal relationships, I have adopted a practice of not being offended when others disagree with me, but instead take each such situation to reflect on my position and attempt to learn as much as I can from the situation… particularly about how people react when challenged. Thanks to God, I think I have become pretty good at the later. Sadly, in line with what the Bible declares, I have learned most people react in a selfish manner, but the good news is that there are many people who take responsibility for there actions and do the right thing. My profession puts me in a position where I am often called upon to make judgments about other people. It is not always a joy filled profession, but a profession to which I believe God called me. I am very thankful for the wisdom and skills He has bestowed upon me and believe He is okay with me judging others, though I know He will judge me in due time. See, Psalm 82:1-8; Isaiah 32:16-18.

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