A Little Numbers Game

I wrote this back in 2006, so some of this will be a bit dated. I share it again, because I think it’s important to remember.

10,005 – 1 does not equal -10,006.

That’s an obvious statement above, but it’s something I think we all tend to forget.

I’m not talking about numbers, but negative critiques, rejections, or harsh comments.

My pastor last Sunday did a sermon on The DaVinci Code. I wasn’t there, so I don’t know exactly what happened, but this is the gist of what I heard:

After he gave his sermon, someone approached and commented at how it wasn’t appropriate to do a sermon on a fictional book.

Whether the person meant it harshly, I don’t know. But my pastor’s reaction is important. He took the comment so hard, inbetween the 8am service and the 9:30am service he kneeled before the altar and wept.

I know he had to be thinking he made a terrible mistake by preaching on that subject. I’m sure he completely forgot any positive comments people gave him. Top that off with having to do the same sermon two more times. I doubt I could have pulled it off like he did.

Why is it so easy to wrap our entire beings around one negative comment and ignore all the other 10,005 positive comments as if they never happened?

I wish I had an answer to that, because I do it all the time. It’s a grueling mental wrestling match to convince me otherwise.

So I use this entry to encourage you to ignore the comments that hurt, and embrace the ones that uplift (as well as consider the source; not everyone has your best interests at heart). I bet the positives outnumber the negatives in almost every case.

1 thought on “A Little Numbers Game

  1. I treat negative comments for what they should be – an opportunity to use the information provided in the comment to critique my actions in an attempt to better myself and gain a better understanding of how people, including myself, think and feel, so I can respond in a loving way. I know I am not perfect and need to work on who I am everyday, in an attempt to be better at loving God and others each day. It is my belief that God when it comes time for Him to judge us, each and everyone of us, again including me, how we respond to negative comments in our life will play a major role in God’s determination of His judgment of each of us. Because of the ever presence of the devil and his deceitful, selfish temptations throughout our lives and the free choice God has given us, there are many people, possibly all of us, who have lived a life full of pain, due to our and others selfishness and pride (sins). I need to constantly humble myself in an ongoing attempt to love God and others better, as, I believe, you need to be humble to fully understand God’s Word and the actions and words of others, in order to live a life of love and, when judgment day comes, to be judged favorable by God. Thank you Andra for inspiring me to share my thoughts (faith)!

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