Embrace Your Age

Especially women.

Brag about it, even.

If for no other reason to show others that age is just a number — and one we can’t control anyway.

If we embrace the beauty of our scars, wrinkles, no-longer-firm-flesh, and gray hairs along with our age (I draw the line at my chin whiskers, though), we can convince others to do the same.

Because we earned every one of our imperfections, those beautiful imperfections.

What makes them beautiful, you ask?

Our gray hair may show the years we’ve spent on this planet, but it also gleams with a diamond-like brilliance.

Our scars are proof of our willingness to fight, survive and never give up — to rise above the pain.

Our wrinkles are proof of how much we love to smile and laugh.

The softness in our bellies, arms and legs are perfect warm pillows for those needing comfort, and young ones seeking snuggles.

All our age reveals is how long it took us — so far — to earn that beauty.

Embrace it. All of it, because it makes you more beautiful, not less.

1 thought on “Embrace Your Age

  1. For men, it’s bushy eye brows and nose, ear, & back hair that we need to make an effort to control as we age. However, the wisdom that comes with age and a strong belief in God, more than makes up for the extra time it takes to control all the extra hair we get in all the wrong places as we age. 🙂

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