Daily Archives: February 1, 2016


That’s how many words I’ve written in my latest novel, over 70,000 of them in just over a month. It’s by far the most I’ve written in the least amount of time.

But now I’m sad.

While there’s always the initial elation when completing a book, afterward there’s a sense of deflation. Not one of fatigue but of, “Now what?”

After all the time I spent writing, part of me wants — and needs — to continue in that groove, and quite honestly the desire to remain engrossed in the universe I created.

And I could continue if I wanted to. My book is actually a sequel, and already I have ideas for how the third book is to proceed.

But I must stop. If I am serious about publication, I need to polish the first book and send out queries to agents. This particular trilogy is mainstream science fiction, so I shouldn’t have any trouble finding a lot of agents who’ll be interested.

Next on my agenda is to finish the fantasy novel I’ve been working on for the last few years. After that, I’ll re-read “Self-Editing for Fiction Writers,” because it helped me so much the first time. Having not read it in over five years, I definitely need a refresher. After that I will print out the first book, bleed all over it, and hopefully turn it into something publishable.

I will keep you apprised.