Daily Archives: November 15, 2015

A Bit of Heaven in The Middle of Hell

Between the terrorist attacks in Paris to earthquakes in Mexico, college students protesting against “painful” dissenting opinions and the annual “War on Christmas” complaints while the rest complain about the complaining, I lament with many others how our world is literally going to hell, and we are helpless and powerless to change things.

And we are. We can’t change the world into what we think it should be. It’s impossible for two main reasons:

One person’s ideal world is different from another’s which is different from yet another person’s. If we can’t agree on a perfect world, we can never achieve it.

The second reason is we can never find ultimate peace, because there are too few people who have peace in their own heart and soul. We live in a broken world that not one person on this world can fix. There will always be someone to come along to destroy that effort, whether through evil desire, or a good desire, but different means to attain that goal.

We need to stop trying to save the world. We need to forget about what we should be doing, and instead ask ourselves, “What can we do?”

Our church has a monthly program called “That One Thing.” We ask other charities such as food pantries and local shelters and ask what they need the most. One was a children’s abuse center where they needed pajamas for children of all ages so they had something new to wear their first night away from their abusive home. Another month we collected feminine products for a women’s shelter. This month we’re buying gifts for children who have an incarcerated parent.

Step away from the news. Turn off social media. Instead, walk around the neighborhood to find and meet a need there. In the midst of all the Hell surrounding us, we can show others — and ourselves — what a little bit of Heaven looks like. That’s something we all can do.