Accepting The Consequences

What next?

That’s a question I don’t ask often, because I usually get an answer that’s worse than anything I could imagine or anticipate.

The truth is like that.

Sure the truth is supposed to set you free, but not before it rips your heart to shreds, pokes out your eyeballs and sears your skin off the bone, leaving nothing left of you except ash.

After seeing parts (I couldn’t stomach watching all of them) of the videos released by CMP, and each successive video worse than the last, I want to run away and deny it all. At the same time, I want to scream through every social media outlet about how this is the purest of evil that can only be compared to the murder and torture performed by ISIS and Nazi Germany to name but a few.

I hesitate because I know how much doing so will offend some people. I also hesitate, because, really, what good will it do? Will anything I say convince how evil it is to those who condone the practice of not only abortion, but the dissection and selling of the body parts? My cynical mind says no.

I read a post on a page called “The Republican Coffee Corner with Angela” written by Angela Graham-West where she discussed at length the Planned Parenthood videos (clicking on the date will take you right to it):

Good Tuesday Evening!The Videos, Planned Parenthood and the Myth of 3%Many have been riveted by the revelations by…

Posted by The Republican Coffee Corner with Angela on Tuesday, August 4, 2015

One person commented:

I applaud you in the way you tell it. We’ve become callous and cold as a nation. Not many of my friends will even openly discuss this matter on Facebook. …

She responded:

The Lord has stood up for me many times, this is the least I can do for Him. And regardless of how many stone will come my way, I will continue to stand as is His Will. I am beholden to no man of earth.

God’s way of smacking me upside the head. Yes, I may offend some people. I may lose a few friends, and even some family members may never talk to me again. The possibility breaks my heart, but like Angela said, in the end, I am accountable only to God. If he requires me to speak out, then I must speak. If I stay silent, more terrible things might happen, and in the end, Jesus may stay silent when I stand in judgment before God’s throne.

All that said, I’m not going to post the videos, excerpts or pictures of what’s happening at Planned Parenthood. They are readily available on Youtube and other sources.

I will leave you only with this: To all those who think it’s all a fake and that abortion isn’t the evil I and many others say it is, I know nothing I say, do or post will change your mind. You have to first be willing to see the truth before the truth can be seen.

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