Daily Archives: June 26, 2015

One Time Only

With the Supreme Court decision on gay marriage, I am going to express my view on it once and only once, because to many here my view will be considered not only unpopular, but I may even be labeled homophobic.

I’m not going to preach the morality of it, because we’ve all seen enough of that. Nor will such arguments sway those for or against gay marriage.

There are instead long-term practical consequences we will have to face. I was going to share what I believe they will be, but it’d be mere conjecture that some will brush off as just that.

Instead, I want you to read the following article about what happened and is happening in Canada after it legalized gay marriage in 2005.

Expect to see the similar in our country. Or should I say more of the same considering what florists and weddings hosts have gone through in the last few years. It’ll only get worse now that SCOTUS has declared it constitutional.