Oh, Ye of Little Faith

I’ve been neglecting my writing, but even worse, I’ve stalled on seeking a publisher for my novel.

Part of it — most of it — is lack of hope in the future. I don’t see how I can succeed as a writer in today’s economy. People can barely pay for necessities, how can I expect them to dish out $5-15 for a book?

It sounds so rational, doesn’t it? What’s missing is my faith. To hide my words away is the result of no faith that God will use my gifts — my words to their fullest. Why would he compel me to write them down if I was not meant to share them?

In keeping my talents hidden, I’m also assuming to know the mind and purpose of God. How arrogant is that?

By ignoring my writing and allowing my fears to overwhelm my faith, I’ve sinned twice. First is to ignore God’s mandate to bring hope into the world, and by claiming I know more about the future and what God wants from me.

I’ve set myself above God and as such denied him and his promises.

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