Quitting is not synonymous with failure

After less than 5000 in my nanowrimo novel in 11 days, I’ve decided to quit. It’s not the lack of words written alone that made me decide to give it up this year.

I couldn’t get my heart into the story. It’s one I want to write, but my mind is focused on other, more important things.

The election and subsequent results forced me to rethink a few things, because they were both frustrating and terrifying. Over the last week or so, I realized I’ve allowed them to distract me from what’s important.

The only remedy is to return to my first love, Jesus Christ. Only through him will I find hope and clarity. By studying his word, I will rediscover his will for me. In general, I know my mandate is to bring others to and closer to him. How I am to go about it is the more specific question. I know it’s through the written word, that’s a given, but perhaps it’s not the only way. There are others such as through service and not being afraid (or timid) in expressing my faith to others. Sometimes the best form of evangelism is by example. Not preaching, per se, but through kindness and generosity to name a few.

I’ve been selfish, and shortsighted, seeing events unfold and caring only how it effects me and my family. I’m driven by fear instead of acting proactively to help others. We are not hurting financially like so many others. We are greatly blessed (more on that in my next entry) and as such we have a greater responsibility to help.

So before I begin reading my Bible, I have the simplest prayer: What would you have me learn today and how do you want me to act on it?

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