Monthly Archives: November 2011

Shh. Writer at Work.

Nanowrimo began almost seven days ago now. I’ve not been keeping up with the minimum word count of 1667/day. More like 1000/day. I’m okay with that so far. I still have 23 days to catch up.

I also decided that I’m not going to worry about keeping up with people on the internet anymore. It sounds anti-social, and perhaps it is. But I keep going back to when I originally caught the writing bug and wrote my first novels. I did it when I was alone, meeting no one’s expectations but my own.

For the first time in a while I’m writing a story that excites me. I decided on a fantasy. It’s a story that’s been bouncing around in my head for a while, but one I didn’t think worthy of a book. After a while I decided, why not? No one ever has to see it. Why not write for me and me alone for a change?

It’s one that developed after reading another fantasy by author Mary Brown called “Dragonne’s Eg”. The only similarity between her story and mine is that the main character is in charge of returning a dragon’s egg to its rightful home.

My character, however, has no idea she has to take it where it will be safe. She steals it from her master in the hopes of making a better life for herself. She isn’t even aware it’s a real egg. Nor does she care.

I can also work in another friend’s idea of writing about ambition, and Loraine’s idea of fighting the lies we grew up with. Sorry, Mom, no wacky robots in this one. Maybe next year.