What Am I Doing?

What am I doing? Wracking my brain for an idea for Nanowrimo. Do I want to write fantasy? Another science fiction based on an existing character? An alternate reality? Try my hand at suspense or even — gulp — historical?

Maybe I’ll simply use the writing.com story app and see what it gives me.

I know what I really need to do: Stop worrying. The more I fret over whether or not I can come up with a story, the less likely I’ll come up with one.

After all, my first novel began with a single word: Redemption.

My second was based on a simple theme: the importance of duty.

Oh! I know! You can help me. Give me a word or theme, and I’ll write a book based on it. Sorry, no prizes. On second thought, if I succeed I’ll send you a copy of the finished book. Eiither electronic or hardcopy I haven’t decided yet (after all the idea is less than a minute old). Sound like a deal?

4 thoughts on “What Am I Doing?

  1. And I’m trying to narrow which project I want to work on for Nano!

    Hmm.. how about…

    Learning to see past lies you grew up having drummed into your head as truths. But I’d be glad to buy it when it’s out. 😉


  2. Wacky robots? Oh, all right. No, wait. Mechanical devices are not privileged with redemption, nor absolution, as they have not been elevated to ensouled status. Would they even want it, and if so, why? Obviously the story needn’t be about robots at all, but about the people who have to decide. Even Asimov didn’t touch this one.
    Oh, and every lie I drummed into your head was true. At the time.


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