Cough, cough

Wow, it’s amazing how quickly dust accumulates when I don’t write an entry for a while.

That I hate dusting doesn’t help, either.

Like any habit, on average it takes about two to three weeks to develop a habit, and only days to break it.

I finished nanowrimo with 50k, but since then I’ve written only 5k words. Sure at least I’m still writing, but like an idiot I took a few days off. Now I’m out of the groove and need to work to get back in again.

I’m still working on my Nano-novel, and I’m close to finishing. I figure another 5-7k max. That would make it about 60k total. Not really enough for a salable novel, but it’s only a first draft after all. I purposely left out a lot of backstory and details, because my mind was too focused on the main plot.

My husband kindly looked over “The Red Dagger” for me, so once I’m done with my Nano-novel, I will rewrite “The Red Dagger.” I hope this next rewrite will make it good enough to submit it to agents. Which means I have to write query letters and put together a synopsis. Yuck. But it’s got to be done.

Instead of writing I’ve been spending a lot of time on Flickr. I belong to a few groups there where there’s always interesting discussions. One of the groups led another member to check out my website. He sent me a private message that read in part:

I visited your website and noticed that you have a talent with the English language. You know how to grab someone’s attention and not let go.

All writers seek to grip the reader in such a way, and often wonder (and lament) if they will ever succeed.

It’s heartening to know I succeeded with at least one person. If ever I lose my confidence (a common occurrence, unfortunately) I hope to remember his words and the words of everyone else who’s been kind enough to share their thoughts on my stories (both the compliments and critiques).

Anyway, I’m super tired today. My almost-three-year-old has worn me out.


P.S. If I don’t write another entry beforehand, I pray you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Which kinda sucks (the new year part), because I just got used to writing 2010 a month ago.

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