Monthly Archives: December 2010

It’s about life — beautiful and ugly life.

I’ve debated for the last two days whether or not to write this entry.

After all, it’s supposed to be focused on my writing journey. To add more personal entries seems, well, selfish. My readers aren’t interested in the mundane or too personal events in my life. If it’s something that’s emotional seems manipulative.

But it’s also dishonest. No life is perfect, full of nothing but happiness and joy. There are sad and even devastating moments.

And isn’t that what writing is? About life in all it’s beauty and ugliness?

I have to remind myself that you might be as interested in the darker moments of my life. In this case, I’m taking the chance.

And there are a few things I need to talk about, not because I’m looking for sympathy but to know I’m not alone.

My dad has been fighting what appeared to be bronchitis for the last month or so. After the third doctor visit and more tests including chest x-rays, the doctor called him Christmas day and told him to go to the hospital immediately.

They found spots on his lungs that turned out to be pulmonary embolisms — blood clots. However, after more tests they found a cancerous and inoperable tumor on his pancreas.

He found out for certain today he might see one more Christmas.

As his daughter, he was always a strong constant in my life. I could always count on him being there, even if a few states away.

The last few days has been a harsh realization that he won’t always be around, that he won’t see his grandson grow up. My son’s memories of his grandfather will be short and will fade to the point he may not even remember him by the time he enters school. My son’s only knowledge of his grandfather will be what his parents share about him and pictures we’ve taken of them together.

It’s not enough.

But there’s not one thing I can do about it except make sure we spend as much time together as possible. In fact in mid-January we’re taking a trip to Colorado to spend about four days with him. I hope that’s but one trip out of many.

My only prayer is that my dad embraces his last days with joy and leaves this world in God’s loving and eternal arms.