Daily Archives: September 13, 2010

Until the Last Minute

Growing up, I spent little time studying. I absolutely hated it. It required patience I didn’t have, and I would rather do other things. Funner things. During especially my junior high and highschool years, I made an art out of procrastination. I consistently wrote essays the night before they were due.

I became many a teacher’s pet to learn what they expected their students to learn and what they would concentrate on for their tests. My studying consisted of — again the night before the test — spending maybe an hour or two going over what I figured would be on the test.

I developed a photographic memory.

As I get older, my memory isn’t near what it once was. My art of procrastination, however, hasn’t rusted.

A few weeks ago, all the Genesis Contest finalists were informed that if they won they would have to give a 30 second speech.


Now with five days until the banquet when they announce the winners, I finally wrote my speech. At least I didn’t wait until Friday night, so I guess I’m improving some. It took some internal debating, but I convinced myself that I needed to write it soon and spend a few days of practice reading it out loud and making any modifications for clarification or to shorten it.

My first reading took less than 30 seconds, so I’m good there. I’ll read it again tomorrow, because a fresh eye and ear always helps. I can’t trust my mind completely at 11pm when it’s more interested in sleep than perfecting a speech.

I also need to re-edit my so-called “One-sheet,” and print out a few copied of that and the first chapter of “Traitors.” That won’t take long. I could have all that done tomorrow. However, along with the speech (which a part of me doesn’t want to give and hopes I don’t win), I need to practice my novel pitch as well as refresh my memory of the editors and agents I want to meet with as far as where they work, and the types of novels they’re looking for. I need to assemble a list of questions to ask in case they’re not interested in my story, so the 15 minute appointment won’t be a total waste.

And I only have three days to get it all done.

Dang procrastination.