5 thoughts on “Done!

  1. Love it! And thanks so much for the link. 🙂 One thing.. the descriptions on the link page were hard on my eyes since the color is so light (yes, that was with my glasses, too!).


  2. Hi Andra. Great to have your new website done. I had this message under your initial graphic at the top of the page. There is an error generating the nav bar: “global_navtree” is undefined.


  3. I like it! It’s a more professional upgrade I think. Are you coding straight html/css or are you using a GUI website design tool? (Not that it really matters, the programmer in me is just curious.)

    The only thing I noticed is the links are a little quirky. The hover color is being maintained even when I’m no longer hovered on the link. I’m using Firefox 3.0.19.

    By the way, I’m signed up to attend the ACFW conference on Saturday, so God willing I will see you there! I haven’t thought much about it yet, except to start putting things together for the agent I’m (hopefully) meeting with.


  4. I wish I had the time (and motivation) to create it from scratch. Instead I used Serif’s Webplus X4 and modified one of their standard templates. It’s a great program for only $80.

    Thanks for letting me know about the nav-bar. Turns out the timing was set for 500ms. I set it to 50ms, so it shouldn’t be a problem now. Let me know if it works better on your end.

    I hope to see you there! If you like we can exchange telephone numbers and we can meet someplace. You know, to help God’s will along a little bit ;).


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