Making Hard Decisions . . .

often means giving up something.

I’ve been stressed of late mostly because I have so much to do and not much time to do it. Therefore I needed to go through my never-ending to-do list and eliminate the ones that I could afford to give up.

I started with a group I created on It’s been fairly quiet except for people signing up — about one a week. It shows there’s still interest in it, which thrills me. Unfortunately I don’t spend enough time here to give it the attention it needs.

I’m not shutting it down, though. That wouldn’t be right. I’m hoping someone will offer to take over the group for me. If no one steps up in about two weeks, then I’ll be forced to remove the group and all the items.

Another stress I’ve given up — food.

Well, not entirely. That would be silly. I’ve gone on diet, or more accurately, changed my food-intake habits. I’m hoping to make good enough nutritional decisions so what I eat and don’t eat becomes a habit I can enjoy and not simply live with or worse, endure. It’s a simple diet, really. I’m cutting out “empty” carbohydrates mostly found in breads, pastas and of course, all sweets. Consider it the Atkins Diet that doesn’t go as far as Atkins. That’s not to say I won’t indulge in the occasional ice cream sandwich. That would also be silly.

A few weeks ago I purchased (and drained a good portion of my savings account) a plane ticket for the ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) Conference in Indianapolis. My goal for that is to lose 15 lbs by September 17. That’s 5 lbs a month, just over 1 lb a week. Easily doable. If I lose more, all the better. Admittedly it’s a decision based entirely on vanity. I want to look in the mirror again and be able to say honestly, “not bad.” To say, “I’m gorgeous!” is going a little too far *Wink*.

And one more stresser, or time waster in this case, I’m still trying to convince myself to give up. Television and movies (I love Netflix!). Talk about a waste of time! How easy is it to waste an hour or two over something that accomplishes nothing except increase my desire to be lazy?

My main goal with giving all this up (and therefore not stress about it anymore) is to allow me more time to pursue my old, dear passion of writing. I miss it (finally). I hope to create another habit of writing every day, whether it be something interesting going on in my life, a short story, a script or a novel. As long as I’m writing.

After all, writing is a practice just like playing an instrument or dancing. The longer I spend away from practice the rustier I’ll get. Plus it’s a good excuse to be at least physically lazy.

5 thoughts on “Making Hard Decisions . . .

  1. Since you’ve bought a plane ticket, I’m inspired to go! Those come around at least once a year. I have no idea why I haven’t been. Something always “comes up” I guess. It’s a forty minute drive. I’ve really no good excuse. I’d love to meet you in person!

    It’s tough to cut out those white carbs. Don’t be too hard on yourself if it’s more difficult than you imagine. I speak from experience. You can do it tho. If you get too frustrated, check out


  2. That would be so cool if you went! I would also love to meet you in person. Remember, you have until August 13th to get registered. πŸ™‚

    So far I’m doing pretty good. It took about a week, but now the idea of eating breads or other sweets makes me think, “yuck.” Fruit on the other hand I think, “gimme, gimme, gimme!”

    Last night I gave a piece of candy bar to my son, and some chocolate ended up on my fingers. I wasn’t even tempted to lick it off.

    Thank you for the link. I’ll be sure to check it out when (not if) I get frustrated.


  3. Andra! So glad to hear you’re returning to your writing. I’m just getting back to it again, also, mainly by shifting my schedule and getting up earlier before the rest of the house is up and around so it’s quiet. It’s working fairly well. Hope yours is, too!

    I can’t make myself give up bread and pasta but I’ve switched most of the way to whole grain instead and that’s good enough (for me). Do you do dark chocolate? It’s funny how once you cut out or down on sugar, you don’t even want it, isn’t it?


  4. Oh, and one of the authors who did the author booth with me last weekend is in ACW and does a lot of conferences. Maybe you’ll meet there. πŸ˜‰


  5. Hi Loraine!

    So far I’m thinking more about writing than actually writing. But I am brainstorming ideas and characters, I just need to write them down and get some scenes going. I’m thrilled to see you getting back into your writing groove as well.

    Right now, however, I’m enjoying spending my free time reading. I think the writing will come soon after. It always does.

    As for no longer wanting sugar, it’s a happy side effect. In fact I tried eating some popcorn earlier. Yuck! Candies, ice cream and the like I occasionally stare at for a while, but it’s taking less to convince myself to avoid it.

    As for dark chocolate, I do enjoy it. But since I’m avoiding all sweets at the moment, it’s not even on my radar.

    Who’s the author so I can keep an eye out?


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