Well That’s a Bummer

The results of the ABNA (Amazon Breakout Novel Award) came out, and out of 5000 entries, mine ended up near the bottom 4000. No next round for me.

Oh, well.

There are other contests, other publishers, other books.

Speaking of which, I should get back to it. I have some editing to do as well as continue the brainstorming/preliminary structure of my next novel. Although, I could spend a few moments and lament my poor fortune and scream to all who don’t care that I’m a terrible writer after all, blah, blah, blah.

But I won’t. The contest was decided by three people. As far as odds go, that’s not enough to drag me down. There are other editors and other publishers out there who will like my stuff.

It’s finding them that’s the hard part, and I was hoping to avoid that hard part with the contest.

I should no better. After 40 years of life, I have yet to learn God’s lesson that his path is never easy, never short . . . but always worth the trip.

I want what I want, I want it now, and I don’t want to work for it, dang it!!

Yeah, I feel God rolling his eyes, too.

5 thoughts on “Well That’s a Bummer

  1. Until my dream gives up on me.

    Kidding. Truth is I can’t give up on it. I’ve tried more than once, but every time felt similar to how I imagine cutting off my arm would be.

    Thanks, Linda.


  2. Sorry to hear that, Andra. But you’re right – contests are subjective and narrow-viewed. I guess the harder we have to work for something, the more the end result is appreciated, right? I keep telling myself that (on good days – on bad days, I tell myself I’m wasting my time, but luckily those are few).


  3. Hi Andra, I think the only reason someone becomes a writer is because they’re driven, because for darn sure there aren’t too many other perquisites for the majority of those who pick up the pen. Just keep at it, I guess. Will you be entering any other contests? Hey, what’s your new story about???


  4. Loraine: I hope the same as you, that all my efforts will amount to publication. I was going to say “amount to something,” but my writing already does. Without me writing, I wouldn’t have met you and other writers, I wouldn’t have this blog, and I wouldn’t have grown (or continue to grow) in my craft. Those are immeasurable.

    Amy: Yep, I gotta keep at it. As for other contests, I’ll be entering “Traitors” into the American Christian Fiction Writers’ Genesis contest. I have a few more edits to apply that Andrea Graham (www.povbootcamp.com) kindly did for me, and then I send it off. The nice thing about this contest is even if my story doesn’t make the next phase, I’ll get a critique from the judges. Definitely worth the $35 entry fee.

    My story is the second installment of Titus Allegine’s story. He’s a Red Dagger, bodyguard-for-hire, who protects the leader of an intergalactic organization of pirates. As for the rest, I’m not sure yet. I am using your story template to work it out, though, and so far so good!


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