Yet Another Contest?

ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) holds an annual novel contest called Genesis. It’s for any member who’s never published a novel (excluding self-published).

I decided to submit “Traitors” for consideration; the first 15 pages due by March 31.

Why enter yet another contest?

Because it’s a lot easier than writing up a proposal including the query letter, synopsis, et al. *Shudder*

What’s the prize? In each category (such as contemporary romance, YA and speculative) the winner will receive a plaque and first choice of editor/agent appointments at the 2011 ACFW National Conference. Runner ups will receive a certificate. I don’t care so much if I win (yeah, right), but I would like to know if my story is a good one. Sure I’ve had a few people read the first few chapters, but so far no agents/publishers. Even if I don’t make the next round, I will receive a scoresheet showing where my manuscript succeeded and/or failed. Even better, the judges are either publishers or agents. That alone is worth the price of admission at $35.

And if I do make the next round, but not the final (or end up a runner up), I can use it for bragging rights should I force myself to write up proposals/queries for other publishers and agents.

Hmm. I must be a fan of parentheses today.

6 thoughts on “Yet Another Contest?

  1. Hi Israle!

    Sorry your comments didn’t appear right away. It’s WordPress’s way of protecting my blog against spam. However, once I approve a person’s comment, the next ones should appear here automatically.

    Anyway, the url for the contest is

    If you’re not a member of ACFW, you’ll have to sign up in order to enter the contest.

    Good luck, and thanks for stopping by! I hope to see you back.


  2. The race goes to the one who keeps running… good for you! You’re inspiring me to get back to submitting something somewhere and jump into the race instead of dragging my feet through a bunch of promo mud that’s been fairly useless.

    And I so need the inspiration right now. Thanks 🙂


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