Daily Archives: February 10, 2010

Yet Another Contest?

ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) holds an annual novel contest called Genesis. It’s for any member who’s never published a novel (excluding self-published).

I decided to submit “Traitors” for consideration; the first 15 pages due by March 31.

Why enter yet another contest?

Because it’s a lot easier than writing up a proposal including the query letter, synopsis, et al. *Shudder*

What’s the prize? In each category (such as contemporary romance, YA and speculative) the winner will receive a plaque and first choice of editor/agent appointments at the 2011 ACFW National Conference. Runner ups will receive a certificate. I don’t care so much if I win (yeah, right), but I would like to know if my story is a good one. Sure I’ve had a few people read the first few chapters, but so far no agents/publishers. Even if I don’t make the next round, I will receive a scoresheet showing where my manuscript succeeded and/or failed. Even better, the judges are either publishers or agents. That alone is worth the price of admission at $35.

And if I do make the next round, but not the final (or end up a runner up), I can use it for bragging rights should I force myself to write up proposals/queries for other publishers and agents.

Hmm. I must be a fan of parentheses today.