Daily Archives: January 12, 2010

Apathetic Atrophy

When any muscle is not used after a certain spell of time, it atrophies.

The same could be said of the brain. I must be losing braincells, because I had no idea my blog has sat silent since before Christmas. Where did the time go? Did it slide away, down the proverbial drain along with my gray matter?

My brain hasn’t seen much exercise lately. I’ve written little, read little. Instead I’m watching the Food Network during my free time (all two hours of it after my little guy goes to bed). No wonder I’m hungry all the time.

At this rate I can forget submitting my book to Amazon’s Breakout Novel Award contest. It’s less than two weeks away, and I’ve only edited 45 pages — out of 223. If I motivate myself, I can still make it, though.

The problem is, will my apathetic, atrophied gray matter handle the exercise without burning out or overheating and leaking out my ears?

How’s that for an image?

I know, boring entry, but I felt like writing something.