What do I have to lose?

Every year Amazon holds a non-published/self-published contest called The Breakout Novel Award. The two grand prize winners will win a $15,000 publishing contract with Penguin USA.

My first nanonovel was a straight science fiction based on a minor character in my first novel. I loved the character so much I wanted to tell his story.

So far I have only the first draft done, and who knows if I could rewrite the thing in time for the February 7th deadline. It wouldn’t hurt to try either way. If I don’t make it, at least I’ll have the second draft somewhat completed.

Do I think I have the remotest chance? Not really. But that’s not the point. It’s in the attempt that we discover what we can — and can’t — do. At the very least I will see some exposure as a serious writer, perhaps gain a reader or two. At this time in my writing career, it’s enough.

If you’re curious on entering as well, check out https://www.createspace.com/abna

Have a great weekend!

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