Crawling to the Top

About a week ago I saw an advertisement for the release of Susan Boyle’s first music album on November 23.

If you don’t know who that is, check out this youtube video.

Word of advice, have tissues handy.

When I went to Amazon yesterday, I saw that it’s #1 in sales rank. And it hasn’t even been released yet. I wasn’t remotely surprised.

What is it about Susan Boyle we all find fascinating? Why do we want to see her succeed?

Because she’s like every single one of us; a person with dreams as yet unfulfilled. We know what it means to be mocked and laughed at as she was before she started singing. With one note, she proved the cynics wrong. How many of us long to do the same?

She had a dream, practiced for over 35 years, took a chance, and fulfilled that dream.

I want to be like Susan Boyle.

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