I Made It!

Looks like I will be moving to the second round in the contest.

It’s both a celebration point and a shrug.

First, the shrug: All the premises made it through to the second round. The publisher decided that some authors could have written a killer premise, but the entire manuscript may not live up to it. The reverse is also true. He felt it was only fair all should move to the 100-word blurb round.

The celebration point is even if the publisher decided not to go that route, my book would have made it.

I could email for how my book scored overall, but I’m a bit ambivalent about it. Do I really want to know how many votes it got? Could I take finding out I ended up near the bottom, barely scraping by?

At this point ignorance is bliss.

The fact I’m moving to the second round is good enough.

4 thoughts on “I Made It!

  1. Thank you, Brandon!

    Judging by the comments left in the forum so far, my book will get at least two votes in the next phase.

    Even if I don’t make it, I can start a thread asking people what worked and what didn’t. I can at least learn how to improve both my manuscript, and how I present it to other publishers/agents.


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