Daily Archives: November 16, 2009

I Made It!

Looks like I will be moving to the second round in the contest.

It’s both a celebration point and a shrug.

First, the shrug: All the premises made it through to the second round. The publisher decided that some authors could have written a killer premise, but the entire manuscript may not live up to it. The reverse is also true. He felt it was only fair all should move to the 100-word blurb round.

The celebration point is even if the publisher decided not to go that route, my book would have made it.

I could email for how my book scored overall, but I’m a bit ambivalent about it. Do I really want to know how many votes it got? Could I take finding out I ended up near the bottom, barely scraping by?

At this point ignorance is bliss.

The fact I’m moving to the second round is good enough.