A New Look

Like the new look?

I changed my theme yet again. It’s not boredom that spurred the change, but my website provider. As of December 9, it will no longer provide Movable Type blog tools. WordPress will still be available, so I switched.

I still have much work to do to it such as adding my favorite blogs in the BlogRoll. If you were there previously and don’t see your name, worry not! I will add it. Along with all my other links. Yay. It’s been so long since I manipulated my last blog, and HTML in general, it’ll take time to relearn everything.

Hopefully tonight or this weekend I can get it all done.

My DSL modem is dying, so my internet access at home has been sporadic at best. They said the replacement should arrive today, but I’ve been hearing that for the last three days. Long story, and not a pleasant one, so I won’t torture you with it.

I wish I could say I used that time well by concentrating on my nano-novel. Ha! At this rate I won’t make the 50K (I sit at a paltry 6K), but I’m not all that stressed about it. It’s not as though I’ll lose anything by not finishing. Mostly I’ve been keeping track (when I manage to get online) of what’s going on at the Marcher Lord Press contest. Voting starts on Friday, so don’t forget to vote!

Also, to find out more about the books Marcher Lord Press publishes, you can check out the store. I’ve read three of them so far (2 Science Fiction and 1 Fantasy), and they’re exceptional stories and writing.

But don’t take my word for it. Check it out yourself.

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