Redarian — an Excerpt

Travis Garrity felt the man’s breath on his neck and tried not to cringe.

Did the self-appointed governor of this expedition have to eat so much garlic, and on top of that, stand within a half a meter with everyone he wanted to talk to?

"We’re not there yet," Travis said for the nineteenth time today. He knew. He kept track.

Governor Isaac Johanna leaned over the console, his breath even more pungent, and said, "You said it would be today, Garrity."

"And it will, but you hovering over me will not make this bucket go any faster."

Travis could feel Johanna’s glare when he said, "This bucket has been your home all your life. Show some respect."

Home, Travis thought. More like a prison and the only way out was the vacuum of space. How could he respect that? Truth was, he was more eager to get to their destination than the governor, and most of the other colonists aboard this 70-year-old heap named "Red Dagger."

Red Dagger. What a name. Pink Rust Bucket was more apt in describing her.

Travis smirked and gave the pilot console a small caress. He did love her, even as he despised her. She brought them through many a hardship with few problems. She was well-built even if she was ugly.


This is how my latest nanowrimo novel begins. It’s a prequel to my very first nano-novel entitled "Red Dagger." The first novel wasn’t about the ship named in this one, but in fact takes place almost 600 years in the future.

Kinda fun not only coming up with a new story, but an entire universe. 

But also daunting. So far I’m a bit slow in writing "Redarian." It’s not because I’m not interested in the story, but I feel out of practice in writing over 1500 words a day. It’s intimidating, because I’ve spent so much time lately editing. I keep wanting to either edit as I go, or stop to rephrase a word, paragraph and constantly ask myself, "Is this scene even necessary?"

Who cares!

The point is to write, and write anything. It’s about volume, not quality. The fixing can come later.

So I best get to writing, even if it is total ick.

2 thoughts on “Redarian — an Excerpt

  1. I like the start of your novel. It sets up a lot in so few words. We already know who the main character is (presumably), and we know its a colonist ship heading for its home, and that the main character is tired and ready to get there.
    And you did it all with dialogue and a few character thoughts. which made it engaging/active and not passive.
    Good job!


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