A Kiss Goodbye

When a child grows up and you see him, or her, leaving you behind, it’s a bitter-sweet sensation. You watch after him, hoping you dressed him cool enough or warm enough. Did you teach him all he needs to know about surviving, such as looking both ways to cross the street, not talking to strangers, and a million other pieces of advice?

How we feel about our writing is not much different. We hope and pray with every query, proposal and entire manuscript submission that our literary child is ready for the world.

Yesterday I received a blanket email from Marcher Lord Press. It asked if I had turned in my premise yet as only five days remained. He noted only seven had sent theirs in. Good for me if it stays at that number, because my chances just jumped to 8:1 instead of 40:1.

I’m not counting my fingers just yet, though. I was waiting until the last minute so I could spend more time preparing my little premise who I’m still not sure is ready.

Good thing the publisher sent the email and I read the whole thing through. It turns out that even though my story is entered into the premise contest, I still need to send a 100-word teaser, 1-page synopsis (not giving away the ending), and the first 500 words.


Now I’m really glad I waited, otherwise I would have sent my 20-word premise and nothing else.

I sent my proposal out into the big-bad scary world today.

I hope and pray it survives, even thrives.

4 thoughts on “A Kiss Goodbye

  1. You forgot the part where our beloved finds happiness and success, and fills us with pride. That part will happen to.
    Great work! Now I need to follow suit and get something sent out already.


  2. Sure. If I were an optimist at heart (hee, hee).
    In truth, I’m fairly confident. And even if this contest goes nowhere for me, there are other publishers out there.
    I hope 😉


  3. All the best with your submission. Your comment, “my chances just jumped to 8:1 instead of 40:1” had me laughing as I so relate to that. Sometimes I feel like there are millions upon millions of people out there with PCs thumping our fiction, and I’m only a drop lost in that ocean.


  4. Hi Robin,
    I like your metaphor about the drop in the ocean. Can I relate to that! Does that mean we’re related? I know, bad pun.
    Thank you for your well-wishes and for stopping by!


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