Just Shoot Me

You would think after working eight years on a book, I would have such a good grasp of the concept along with the story, characters, et al, writing a 20-word premise could be a snap.

Sure, if writing and deleting every word for 47 hours, 20 cups of coffee, a sore scalp from pulling out all my hair, and cracked fingernails from pounding on my computer keys in teary-eyed frustration is considered a snap (long enough sentences there, for ya?).

Okay, it’s not that bad. But boiling down a 100k story into so few words is a challenge this lady doesn’t feel qualified to accomplish. At least not enough to make a bunch of people say, "Wow! I wanna read that book!"

Yes, this is a temper tantrum. No, I’m not giving up. Sometimes plopping down on the floor and screaming my head off helps to purge all the negative thoughts and feelings.

*plops down on floor and screams into pillow*

There. I feel better now. My apologies if my mental flailing hurt your eyes or emotional stability.

Back to work.

5 thoughts on “Just Shoot Me

  1. I’m with you. Yesterday I worked on my ‘back cover copy’, and spent much time rocking back and forth in my chair. Now I’m working on the 20-word premise. Only 20 words??? Shoot me! (not really) I’m hoping to get it done today. Perhaps I will have some flash of brilliant insight? Argh.


  2. If you were rocking back and forth in your chair and sucking your thumb at the same time, then I’d be concerned.
    Don’t be surprised if you wake up at 2am with that aha! moment.
    I chuckled at the “shoot me” comment.


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