From One Addiction to Another

You would think that after about six weeks of not hearing whether or not my book will be accepted by a publisher, I’d be a wreck.

Keeping busy with either writing other projects are submersing myself into a different hobby helps keep the noggin’ screwed on straight.

For me it’s taking pictures. To the point my son gives me a dirty look whenever I grab the camera. No kidding. Over the last few days I’ve slowed down quite a bit. The weather has turned dreary, and darkness falls too soon for good outdoor shots.

And my creativity for indoor shots has dried up a bit. I turned my focus away from snapping pictures until my finger falls off to using software to modify and add special effects to the pictures I have now. I borrowed from the library two digital photography books, and so far I’ve learned a lot about how digital cameras work. Interesting stuff. I’m also reading "The Last Eye Witness" by Jerry Jenkins and Tim LaHaye, a fictionalized story of John, the last of the original disciples and the one who wrote the Gospel of John.

Once I finish that, I hope to continue to work on my new manuscript using the Snowflake Method. I hope complete enough of it done I can use what I learned there to write it during Nanowrimo beginning November 1.

In the meantime, I’m going to spend less time on the computer, which means still not many entries for a while. Hopefully not a full month in between this time.

After spending eight hours a day on a computer at work, the thought of logging more hours at home? Blech. Luckily if I want to write, there’s always the ever-available and reliable pen and paper.

Now it’s back to reading. I hope the weather hasn’t turned too cold for you, and if it has, you’re warm and toasty. Hmm. Good idea. A hot coffee and snuggling in a warm blanket on the couch with my book sounds heavenly.


1 thought on “From One Addiction to Another

  1. Ah, I wondered what you’ve been up to! My kids give me that look, too. They get used to it. 😉
    Nano.. I’m still unsure what I’ll be writing for that. Possibly the 4th of the Rehearsal series since the first draft of the 3rd is getting close to the end and the last thing I need is to start a whole different book!!
    Except, I have an idea.. 😉
    Enjoy your play time!


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