Nothing like a little terror . . .

to ensure I’ll get not a wink of sleep.

Not one minute ago I submitted my novel proposal to a publisher.

Will this be one more rejection to add to my as yet paltry stack?

I’ll keep you apprised.

Hopefully I’ll still have fingernails by the time I hear back.

6 thoughts on “Nothing like a little terror . . .

  1. Especially since the publisher emailed me back this morning to let me know my proposal didn’t go through. Oh well. I have one more opportunity to look it over before sending it again.
    Thanks, Becky!


  2. Ahh! Good luck, Andra!
    I’ll be digging fingernails, also, since I just sent ARCs to some big-name review sites. Of course it’s likely I’ll get no answer and no review from any of them, but I’m hoping for at least one to go through.
    Hey, if this one doesn’t want it, try another. It’s all opinion, you know.


  3. Yep, all we can do is send out our stuff. The more we persevere, the greater our chances of finding someone willing to take our work.
    Good luck on your ARCs!


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