Word of Advice

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT try to install a new hard drive a Macintosh iBook G4 laptop all by yourself.

I consider myself technically savvy (as most of you know). The laptop my mom gave me worked for a few days then every time I booted up, I received nothing but a gray screen. When I tried to reload the operating system, it showed no hard drive was installed.

Solution: buy a new hard drive.

I searched on eBay and found a new one for a mere $45. Cool.

After I ordered it, I internet-searched for installation instructions. That was also easy to find, but after scrolling through 17 pages of instructions, I began to wonder if I made a mistake.

I thought about taking it to Geek Squad to install it, but decided against it. I wanted to resell the laptop on eBay, and considering what the computer is worth, I wouldn’t make any money going that route.

By the time the hard drive arrived, I had studied the instructions enough I felt confident I could do it.

Two hours and 30+ screws removed (no exaggeration there), I had the old hard drive removed. Yippee.

I noticed then I didn’t have the proper tool to remove the four screws on the old drive. Now what?

I carefully packed up the disassembled computer and frightening assortment of screws, and internet searched again for the appropriate screwdriver, with the intent of driving to Lowe’s the next day.

Tonight, with all the right tools, I spent five minutes installing the new drive, and the next two hours reassembling the laptop.

I got all the way done, but the mouse button was stuck. I tried to fix it by again taking the darned thing apart, and ended up breaking a piece of the case off.

I further destroyed the computer to remove the new drive with the intent of returning it. There’s a 30 day money-back guarantee on the thing, so I’ll only be out the shipping.

I happily threw all the screws and broken machine in the garbage.

Five minutes later, I took it back out, and salvaged the screen, keyboard, battery and power cord.

I figured if I sold those and the program CDs on eBay, I’ll make about $40. Basically I’ll break even money-wise.

As for the rest, I learned to never – ever – take apart an old Macintosh laptop unless I want to destroy it.

So, anyone need used iBook G4 laptop parts?

3 thoughts on “Word of Advice

  1. Me, too, Jessica. Next time I’ll know better.
    Brandon, I think it’s to keep technical support gurus employed, and the rest of us confounded.


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