Bragging Rights

A quicky today.

I’ve spent most of my free time editing a novel for another Christian science fiction author, and a friend who’s writing nonfiction.

I forgot not only how much fun editing can be, but how much I learn in the process. I get to study a person’s voice, how their mind works, and what drives them and their writing.

By critiquing other writers – regardless of chosen genre – I simultaneously edit my own work. I keep a notebook beside me as I edit, so I can write down my ideas and changes before I forget them.

I know how to fix the first three chapters. My main character changes too quickly, while at the same time the story doesn’t move fast enough. I’ve known about the problems for a long time now, but the solutions eluded me until now. Yea!

This entry is also a bragging moment.

Fellow friend and writer wrote a review on "A Reason to Hope." Before you think the review isn’t honest or fair because she’s a friend, I assure you she would not have written the review if she didn’t think my book was worth it. For one, I didn’t even ask for it.

Don’t take my word for it, though. You can read her thoughts HERE.

Thanks bunches, Kara. 

3 thoughts on “Bragging Rights

  1. Loraine: That it was.
    Brandon: I’m thrilled Kara’s review caught your interest. I still have copies available for sale (hee, hee).


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