Everyone’s gotta have a hobby

My New MiniWhat do you think? Is it perty?

Sure, it looks like a standard laptop, and I can hear you yawning.

This ain’t no standard laptop, though. It’s my new Dell Mini. The screen is a mere 8.9", and weighs in at a paltry 2.1 lbs. It’s perfect for sitting, well, anywhere, and won’t slope my shoulders with its heft if ever I need to drag it through an airport.

I learned that lesson the hard way after lugging my old 17", 9.6 lbs monstrosity about five years ago to a writers conference. Oof. 

The Mini arrived via Fedex yesterday, and I spent most of my evening playing with it after my little guy went to bed.

Well, not most of the night. My mom also dropped off her old Mac iBook G4 for me to do whatever I want with it. She purchased a new one, and thought I could use it. If not, she said I could sell it on eBay, and she’d take a percentage.

Never owning a Mac before, I might hang onto it for a while and learn how to use it.

See how this geek is so happy? It’s fun enough to play with one new toy, but two? Oh, yeah, I’m giddy.

Too bad I have to work for a living, and take care of my son at night, otherwise I’d be sitting on the couch in my jammies with not one, but two computers on my lap.

Eleven more hours . . .

10 thoughts on “Everyone’s gotta have a hobby

  1. Hi Billy!
    So far I’m really enjoying it.
    The clarity of the screen is impressive. I just watched the latest episode of “House”, and it was clearer than my HDTV.
    It’s also faster than I expected.
    The keyboard layout is slightly different from a standard one, so finding the Shift and apostrophe keys prove challenging.
    I have skinny fingers, so it’s easy to type overall.
    Before you purchase one, I recommend you test it out at your local computer store. If you type a lot, and the smaller keyboard is uncomfortable or cumbersome, you’ll save yourself some money.


  2. I’ll let her know — the next time she has a computer to get rid of.
    Unfortunately, the Mac’s hard drive is toast. The cost of replacing it is more than the computer is worth. I’m going to try to sell it on eBay for parts. *sniffle*


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