Daily Archives: April 21, 2009

What Makes a Writer?

"I’m not a writer." or "I’m a wannabe writer."

My new pet peeve. I want to smack anyone upside the head who spews that phrase.

If you write, you’re a writer. Period. If you breathe on purpose, do you say, "I’m a breather?"

Me thinketh notteth.

I admit I often question my ability as a writer (as many of you know and wanted to smack me around a few times). But lamenting about my lack of talent is not the same as proclaiming I’m not a writer.

If I do, please bounce my head against my keyboard, ‘kay?

Everyone writes, whether it’s in a blog, email, letters (anyone remember those?), stories, poems, etc.

Still not everyone who writes considers themselves a writer. They write merely to communicate to a friend, relative or colleague. That doesn’t necessarily a writer make. One who doodles on a napkin out of boredom doesn’t an artist make, either.

What then makes a writer?


It’s the desire to not only to communicate, but to inspire, engage, entertain, and teach. It’s the constant study to improve one’s craft, and to reach as many people as possible.

Is that what drives you, oh wannabe writer? Do you burn to tell your story? If so, then call yourself a writer, and do so with confidence.

Note: Chapter two of A Reason to Hope is available.