Daily Archives: April 14, 2009

Your Thoughts

Last night Andrea sent back her comments to my first ten pages. I’m surprised and pleased at how fast she was. I procrastinated on looking through it until this morning.

The dread I felt after I sent it punched me in the guts, and tried to convince me not to open the document. 

A few days ago, the subject of my daily devotional centered on procrastination. By putting things off, we worry, and they begin to loom larger in our mind as almost insurmountable. Yet if we tackle all we need to do the moment we think about them, then we don’t have time to worry.

It’s like coming home to a messy house. The more the dishes, clothes and toys pile up, the less we want to clean. Yet when we do, we feel so much better.

Andrea’s edits needn’t have worried me. Her suggestions pointed out mostly passive voice (which I thought I eliminated, darn it). I told how a person felt instead of showing via their actions. My chapter breaks also didn’t look right, but that’s easily fixed.

Heck, I’m so focused on her suggestions, I can barely write this entry! I keep editing as I go here.

That means she did her job well. 

One question, though. The bulk of my main characters are telepaths, created through genetic and bio-engineering. Andrea pointed out that from a theological standpoint — and the Bible is clear on this — any telepathic sense is the result of demonic possession. If I am to be theologically accurate, then it changes the entire dynamic of my story — in fact makes it useless. I can’t go any further with any of my books, because in a way I’m glorifying demonic powers.

I’m not saying I will, but her thoughts give me pause.

Will other publishers, agents and prospective readers feel the same way? Should I start over with a different premise and characters?

What do you think?