Throwing Airplanes

I just threw a homemade airplane into my coworker’s cubicle.

I now hear some paper shuffling, so I suspect I’m about to be bombardiered (is that a word? No matter. I’m a writer, so I’m allowed) by same airplane — with some modifications . . .

Can you tell I have nothing better to do?

Actually I do, but I thought I’d waste a few minutes (aside from creating airplanes) by writing a short entry.

Hee, hee. Ellen (said coworker), modified it to toss back at me, and instead of it flying at me, it looped around back at her! Ha!

I guess what goes around really comes around.

Fun aside, I wanted to thank you for all your well-wishes to my son. He’s doing much better. His fever’s gone, and his appetite has returned. He’s also back to his normal, active self. Yea!

For tomorrow’s entry, I interviewed Becky Levine, author of the soon-to-be released "The Writing & Critique Group Survival Guide". I know you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.

Happy Tuesday, and I’ll see you in the morrow!

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