Whine, whine, whine, whine

I am so ready for Spring, but Nature has other plans.

The only reason North Dakota makes national news is when we have unusual weather such as more snow accumulation than Alaska, or flooding due to sudden thaw and ice-jammed rivers and tributaries.

When we moved here, we specifically avoided buying property near the river. Good thing, because we didn’t have to worry about the mandatory evacuations, sandbagging our entrances, and praying we wouldn’t have to tear down our home due to flood damage.

On top of the flooding (now not a problem after the Army Corps of Engineers blasted a channel in the Missouri River), from Sunday night to all day Monday, another 12" dumped on us.

Since Tuesday, it’s been melting (and freezing into ice-skating rinks by morning). I thought, woohoo, spring has finally arrived.

I celebrated too soon. Starting tomorrow, another storm is predicted to dump even more snow.

Do you have any aerosol cans full of freon to spare? I would love to increase the speed of global warming.

Speaking of global warming, it’s one phrase I’m sick of hearing. For one, I don’t think it’s a problem. More on that below.

Other words and phrases I cringe at:

Going Green. Because of the world scared to death of global warming (which I don’t believe is happening, or if it is, it’s not man’s fault, but a cyclical occurrence), all I hear is we must go green to save the environment. Enough already! I got it.

Working Mom. I’m a mom, and I work. Whether it’s inside or outside the home, it’s work! To say that moms who stay home aren’t working is an insult of the highest order.

Climate change. That’s a contradiction of terms. Our climate changes from day to day, and is so unpredictable, weathermen’s accuracy is at a mere 30% or less. I fear what people are trying to accomplish is a static system. If we do that, we may as well kiss our planet goodbye. The climate must change, otherwise our world stagnates and eventually dies.

What words and phrases do you want to never hear again?

4 thoughts on “Whine, whine, whine, whine

  1. I heartily agree on all accounts, including Jessica’s.
    What I’d like to vanquish is OMG. Yikes, is it completely disrespectful! I’d rather hear any curse word in the book than that or anything else using God as an expression or insult. Seriously. People get upset about F*** but what is that really in comparison?


  2. I’m with you on OMG as well. In fact, all internet acronyms I can live without such as LOL, etc.
    I don’t mind them in blog comments, though, because sometimes it’s the easiest way to describe laughter.


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