The Inner Poet — Does She Still Live?

My writing career began at fourteen. As with most desires at that age, I dreamed of being a member of a rock band with my two best friends. I ignored how I never learned how to read music, and my passable singing ability came from the weekly practice in a church pew.

I took up the challenge of writing the songs. I can’t claim they were any good; they didn’t have musical accompaniment, but they became an outlet for all the feelings and thoughts I couldn’t express in any other way.

When I gave my life to Jesus two years later, the dream of the rock band died. The desire to write songs evolved into poems — my personal praise and worship to God.

Whether they were well-written or not, they saved my sanity during the rest of my tumultuous teenage years. I also dabbled in writing short stories, church skits, and journal writing. I still have most of it, including my silly little songs.

I wrote my last poem in 2005 as part of an assignment for the Apprentice writing course through the Christian Writers Guild.

I gave up poetry largely because I don’t have the time. Fiction is my passion these days. I also don’t read poetry, and for anyone who doesn’t like to read a genre or method can’t write it — at least not very well.

At the same time, it’s good to try new things, or in my case, revisit old ways.

Yesterday I received an email from Writer’s Digest. April is National Poetry Month and Robert Lee Brewer is holding his annual Poem-a-Day Challenge. Participants are to write a poem based on the daily prompt in his blog, and add it as a comment. You can read more about it HERE

I’m going to give it a shot out of curiosity and to give my brain a break from research and editing.

Wanna join me?

6 thoughts on “The Inner Poet — Does She Still Live?

  1. Have you seen how many people are posting poems in response to those prompts? I’m amazed! I guess poetry isn’t a dead art after all. Now, I’m inspired to pick it back up again. Wrote one for the April 2 prompt actually. šŸ™‚ (I revised one for April 1. Didn’t read the rules first. Imagine that. I cheated! Oops.)


  2. I have. I think it’s cool, if a bit intimidating. I don’t envy the judges, because I’m sure many of the poems are excellent. I haven’t read any of them, yet, because I wanted to write mine with no influence beyond the prompt.
    Cheater (hee, hee). I’m glad it inspired you, and I look forward to reading your poems. Will you add them to your blog?


  3. You’re not too late! You can add a poem on previous dates as long as they’re added prior to May 1 at noon.
    I haven’t added a single one, yet, as I can’t seem to get motivated. Darn it.


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