Measure My Success

What constitutes a successful blog?

What attracts you to a blog?

And what keeps you coming back for more?

What motivates people to do anything is the possibility of getting something in return. That holds true even with philanthropy (and no I’m not writing on this subject just to use that word). Giving returns joy and satisfaction that we helped someone.

I’ve been studying successful blogs, and each one provides something useful to the reader. Many times it’s knowledge such as advice on writing. Others focus on spiritual fulfillment, or making people laugh. Still others write reviews, interview people and hold contests for free stuff such as books.

I ask the questions above, because I, too, want to be sucessful. What can I do better, or differently to ensure your return?

If you don’t want to comment publicly, you’re welcome to email me HERE.

4 thoughts on “Measure My Success

  1. If a blog isn’t updated frequently, I tend to get bored with it. I also seem to gravitate to the blogs that challenge my thinking, make me ask questions, inspire me to comment. Lastly, I enjoy sneak peaks into people’s craft. Writing samples, the trials and tribulations of revising, etc.


  2. Andra, I agree with Jessica. I get frustrated if I go back too often & there’s nothing new. I think a balance on a quick read and good details is important (I worry sometimes that I go on TOO long). And I really appreciate a bit of humor! 🙂


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