I Found It . . . Not

Yesterday I spent some time searching for literary agents on Writersmarket. I found six agencies that accept science fiction and religious manuscripts.

I found one that looked promising. The linked website said to read the bios of all the agents before sending a query, because each one has their niche.

I clicked on the first bio and voila! an agent who wants to see both religious and science fiction.

Until I kept reading. In bold letters near the bottom it said the agent was no longer accepting queries.


Luckily it’s only temporary, but how temporary? Two months? A year?

I searched the other bios and discovered each one specifically stated: No science fiction.


You’d think an agency would have genre overlap between agents . . .

Oh, well. I just have to keep on searching . . .

In the meantime, I’ll keep on writing . . .

I like ellipses today . . .

Or did you notice . . . ?

2 thoughts on “I Found It . . . Not

  1. Are there other Christian Sci-Fi books out there? Who represents them? Another podcast tip was to look in the acknowledgments section of books that are similar to yours. They usually thank their agent. Then you know who to submit to.


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