Using My Name to Learn More about the World

A few weeks ago I signed up for Google Alerts. Every time Google finds my name on the internet, it emails me the link.

  1. I now know Nate Marquardt, a UFC® (Ultimate Fighter Championship) fighter, won his bout against Wilson Gouveia In UFC® 95 February 21 with a Technical knockout.
  2. Niels Marquardt, US Ambassador to Madagascar, opines in local media outlets that the country of 20 million was on “the verge of civil war” . . . That’s all I can give you on that. To read more I need to subscribe to the online newspaper.

Every day I learn more about Nate and Niels – and meself through the internet. I’m glad my name isn’t more common, because instead of the one-three alerts a day, I would receive much more.

Your assignment for today is to search your name and tell me if anything interesting pops up.

For a minute of fun click Here (psst. You’ll need to type in your country of origin and birthday before it’ll take you to the fun part). It’s a great example of what people can do with website programming.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

1 thought on “Using My Name to Learn More about the World

  1. I get those, too, but my name only gives me my own doings! Of course I use my writing name. Maybe I should try the other.
    My book titles, however, give me links to all sorts of bands. LOL


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