Stories Revisited

Since my son is occupying himself with tossing all my books off a bookshelf, I decided to write a quick entry.

in 2007, I participated in and won Nanowrimo (national novel writing month) with my first effort at a fantasy. The story began okay, I loved the characters, but it ended up darker than I originally intended.

After I reached 50,000 words, I set it aside with the intent to revisit it sometime — or delete it.

That sometime was today as my son napped earlier this afternoon. I feared I did delete it, but I found it after some searching. I still like the overall story, and am still in love with the characters. The trick will be either placing the same characters in a different world or circumstance.

Those are my thoughts this Sunday evening.

What’s on your mind?

7 thoughts on “Stories Revisited

  1. Hi Andra~ I have a few stories like that myself! BTW, your name was chosen in the book giveaway of Daisy Chain in the 2 Truths & 1 Lie game. If you’ll contact me with your snail mail address, I’ll send you your book. Congrats!


  2. lol. Yes, they do like to re-organize, don’t they? I’ve been letting my fifteen month old re-organize to his heart’s content…unless it’s breakable. I’m hoping he works it out of his system faster this way.
    The other week (month) you were considering whether to write more Christian scifi or try something else. I too have been wondering the same thing. I won’t give up on writing Christian scifi, but I do think I’m going to have to branch out, due to market conditions. As for fantasy, I haven’t read much of it myself, but I think you should dust off that manuscript and go for it.


  3. Hee, hee. I’m hoping the same with my little guy.
    I’ve decided to tackle my dusty manuscript, starting with an outline. Once I figure out the ‘world’ and circumstances, it’ll go smoothly.
    I hope.


  4. Too dark? Now you have me curious.
    Just to get myself writing again, I’ve been taking my worries of the day and giving them each night to a character in a new story.
    I’m surprised how interesting it’s turning out. I thought it would be a mess. Fun to surprise yourself, isn’t it?


  5. Glad to see he loves books already! 😉 Hey, I have a kid in one of my books doing that, lol. My daughter did it with video tapes but not books. I don’t think I had them low enough because she was a destructive little thing. I don’t remember my son pulling stuff off shelves. Hmm..
    Anyway, I hope you have good luck with your old story!


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