Accessorizing Jesus

For many years I wanted a little cross pendant made out of Black Hills gold.

My husband accommodated my wish, and bought me one for Christmas. I wore it for about five years and rarely took it off.

I needed to about a year ago, because my son kept trying to rip it off my neck. I have since decided to not wear it much — if at all — anymore.

When I first arrived at the writers conference I noticed a woman about my age wearing a black, turtle-neck sweater and a large, silver cross necklace. I frowned and thought, "What’s the purpose of that? Is it her attempt to scream to the world ‘I’m a Christian!’ without having to say a word?" Whether or not it was her intent, I can’t say, nor am I judging her. I mention it, because she made me honestly consider the reason I wore mine.

"Christian" to me isn’t a label. Nor is it a verb.

It’s a state of being — of giving everything I am and everything I have to Christ, and live according to his will (still working on that).

Wearing a cross around my neck proves nothing.

How I act and treat others, however, does. 

I want people to see not me or my supposed "Christian goodness", but Christ himself. That is my purpose.

If I wear my cross, it’ll serve as a mere reminder to me of how I need to act, and nothing more.

Tomorrow will be a change of pace my friends: Book review of "A Lever Long Enough" by Amy Deardon

7 thoughts on “Accessorizing Jesus

  1. Ah, I’ve had the same thought, except …
    I wear a horse necklace because it’s my Eastern astrology sign (a part of who I am) and talk about being a Virgo for the same reason. I wear logos on my Tshirts stating things I like (bands, etc) or believe in (support troops). So I think it’s the same … I wear my small cross necklace because it’s part of who I am. Yours sounds gorgeous! 🙂


  2. Didn’t Michael Smith write a song about this, *Cross of Gold,* in the late 80s? When I was going through a difficult program I wore a cross and its reminder gave me strength. It depends why you wear it. Maybe the woman was a new Christian? Or feeling that she wanted to *blend* into a Christian conference? Fashion statement? Impossible to say. I agree with LK, though, your cross sounds beautiful!


  3. So true, Andra. You remind me of so many people, who claim to be “Christian” simply because they go to church for one hour every week. Christianity is a state of being, and going to church or wearing a cross is just one dimension to calling oneself “a Christian”.


  4. LK: I can always count on you to present a different point of view.
    Cathy: Thank you!
    Amy: It’s quite possible the lady’s intent was as you said. And while I did judge her at first, I wanted to use my initial thoughts to discover my own purpose of wearing a cross. I don’t recall offhand Michael W. Smith’s song. I’ll check it out.
    Sarah: Thanks for stopping by! Don’t be a stranger, ‘kay.


  5. So true! We get so caught up in the worldly things that we sometimes forget what it is all about! Plus we must remember the huge responsibility we have when we wear crosses, or have signs on our cars that we are Christians, that we ACTUALLY act that way! Otherwise we can become a stumbling block for others, if they see the way some Christians act.


  6. Hi Ilze!
    Excellent points. Christians are scrutinized more than anyone else with regard to behavior, so we need to always be aware of how we act.
    Thanks for commenting!


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