Lost, Says I. Lost in the Internet I am.

Yodaspeak aside, when I first started my website and blog, I knew a lot of time was required, both to make it attractive to readers, and keep them returning for more.

My first blog I started in 2005 on writing.com. At first I signed up to post my work for critique, and about six months later started my blog. I didn’t expect any readers at first, but once I did I was hooked. I learned that in order to keep and gain more readers, I needed to visit theirs.

About a year later, I needed to cut down on my time spent there. I realized I was spending more time on my computer than with my husband or when I should have been working (one of the downfalls of an internet connection at a place of business).

It was easier to cut back than I expected, and I managed to cut down my time from two to three hours a day to about three to four hours a week.

I’m near falling into the same trap — under the guise of marketing. There is so much available online to expose my name and my book, it’s overwhelming. First there’s the reading other people’s blogs, and other exposure sites such as twitter, facebook and myspace.

How does one keep all that updated and keep in touch with friends without other parts of my life suffering?

Good thing I love my sleep, otherwise I’d set that aside.

My little 13-month-old boy keeps me grounded. He’s at the intensely curious age where I can’t ignore him for any length of time (even if I wanted to, which I don’t. A child grows up so fast, I don’t want to lose a minute of it).

I don’t manage my time well, but I do make sure I spend no more than one hour online a day.

At home that is. At work, I admit to stealing time away from doing actual work. Stealing it is, too, because they don’t pay me to play on the internet. I’m a bad girl.

If you don’t see me around either on your site or mine, you’ll know it’s because I’m meeting my obligations, something I should be doing anyway. Marketing can wait until my given hour at night, or during weekends while my toddler’s napping or playing with Daddy.

Come this Thursday I’ll try to write one entry a day to let you know how the conference is going. I’m looking forward to it, but at the same time it’ll be a long four days. I’ve never left my son for more than five hours at a time, so not being with him for so long is going to be rough.

I almost forgot! Wednesday, February 18th, fellow author LK Hunsaker and I will be participating in a Q&A session about self-publishing beginning at 2pm CST in the Bookspa group. If you’re not a member, you might consider signing up. It’s a group dedicated to reading, writing, and discussing books of all genres except erotica. Click HERE for more information.

2 thoughts on “Lost, Says I. Lost in the Internet I am.

  1. Oh, I am SO in that boat with you and I think it’s floundering. Balancing my time seems impossible because I very much want to keep up with everyone.
    My blogs have had to wane to use the time elsewhere, so if I update them once a week, I’ll consider that good enough. 😉
    I do look forward to hearing about your conference, and I look forward to Wednesday with you and Steph at the Spa!


  2. I had to put myself on a schedule. Lately I have been doing 3 blog entries a week, but ideally, I want to post on Monday and Thursday. So, that’s really once a week, because Thursdays are Poem of the Week days and don’t require nearly as much prep. Plus, I still get the enjoyment of sharing some of my writing.
    I’ve noticed how easily I can use blogging as an excuse not to work on revising my latest manuscript. Hence, the schedule. Now, I just need to shut my mouth and stick to it.
    (One of the times I check out people’s blogs is when I’m eating my breakfast in the mornings…like I am right now…)


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