Like my new format? Bright, isn’t it?

I changed it mostly because the original template was boring. The text of the entries and comments didn’t pop off the screen like I wanted them to.

This one’s better, but not perfect.

So says the artist within me.

And the geek. The geek is glad this one isn’t perfect, because it encourages her to study cascading style sheets (or CSS) even more, and in the end create that perfect template.

Within the next few months I will continue to tweak my blog, so don’t be surprised if it keeps changing every time you stop by.

On my list of additions includes a short bio and (gasp) a picture of moi. I’m sure you all would like to know the face behind the words. That will take a while, because none of the pictures I have look professional enough.

Change ‘o subject.

I finally tackled my possible articles last night. They didn’t take nearly as long as I figured. There were plenty of red marks, to be sure, but since they’re so short, rewriting them shouldn’t take more than two hours.

After that I’ll go through the edits my husband suggested for my novel. Most people frown on family critiquing a person’s work, but Dave is a good editor. He writes well himself and is a voracious reader. He knows a good story, and can pick out plot and continuity problems quite well. He also doesn’t pull punches, so I know his assessments will be at least honest even if I don’t agree in the end.

I may end up with all my saleable (I hope) material ready with a week to spare. Wow. That’s definitely a first for me. I’m usually still writing or editing like a madwoman the night before something is due.

What am I going to do with that extra week?

Work on my blog template perhaps?

7 thoughts on “Tweaking

  1. That’s only because you’ve seen me on my ‘sunnier’ days. Ha!
    Thanks, Dona. You made me blush as red as my new template.


  2. I like the bright and bold look, also! I’m sure your tweaking will make it even more you. 😉
    What will you do with an extra week? Hear me laughing from here?


  3. I like it! I don’t know if this means anything, but this weekend when I was going thru Firefox, the color scheme was still blue. I think that was Saturday. Now, on Monday via IE, I’m seeing red!


  4. That is strange, unless Firefox loaded up a cashed version of the page. I can’t explain why it wouldn’t reload it, unless it’s a small glitch in the program.


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